Weapon idea : Comet gun

Hey, i thought of an idea of a weapon that shoots comets like the chapter “comet chase” from CI3

something like this (but even a little smaller…)


so tell what you think about my idea maybe its stupid but i hope that you all are goona like that :slight_smile:


It’s not a bad idea though


My inſtinct is to ſay that ſhooting ſomething with that much maſs makes no ſenſe, but it occurs to me that neither does the premiſe of the game.

But thinking about it, I came up with ſomething to add: ſemi-conſiſtant with a miſinterpretation of the laws of phyſics, every time you ſhoot your ſhip moves back a diſtance proportional to the maſs fired, ſo if 0 firepower is juſt a ſmall comet, you move back a lot leſs than when you fire at 20 and thus have a much bigger comet (I aſſume- pleaſe correct me if I’m wrong). @PhPmayan, tell me what you think; after all, it’s your weapon concept.

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i thought that if you for example at 20 firepower it will shot little comets and on 10 firepower it will shoot 10

but you or the developers can always change it and do whatever they want with that gun :slight_smile:

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You mean it’ll ſhoot a comet per firepower point, but the comets are always the ſame ſize? Sorry if I’m a bit ſlow, but it’s not quite clear.

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The comets will be the same size but a new comet is added when getting a firepower until you get to 20

OK. Does that alſo include the interval between 10 and 20 (for example, would a comet be added between 15 and 16?)? If not, how many comets would 20 firepower have? And I aſſume you have 1 comet at 0 firepower?

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yes after 1 firepower another comet will be added

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I do not think he does it on purpose.

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