Weapon idea: Bomb thrower

A lot of stuff were added wow, new spacecrafts, new waves, and new enemies. A lot of stuff got added to the game. But… when will there be a new weapon?

This weapon is very similar to the new Barrier bombs, and also slightly similar to Absolver beam.
This weapon is simply just a bomb that your spacecraft throw that deals damage to nearby enemies.

To use it, you need to hold the fire button, it will display a tiny circular meter on your spacecraft, the more you hold the more the meter fills, release the fire button to fire the bomb, it’ll spawn with how much the meter was charged, the meter will get subtracted by time and will blow up once it reaches zero. The bomb will travel slowly on the direction your space craft is facing in. The more it’s charged, the longer it’ll travel.
It can also blow before the charge is gone, by getting damaged by another bomb, either this weapon or a typical bomb ‘enemy’.

Like normal bombs, enemies closer to the bomb get damaged most.

If the player is close to the bomb, the weapon heat will increase.

Powerups improve the bomb damage, the maximum charge, the explosion radius and firerate respectively.

Bombs with the lowest charge deals most damage, but this can easily increase the heat a lot.

What do you think?
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  • No.

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Another deadly weapon

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