Weapon Concept: (Idk What Name to put..)

This is an chargeable weapon that shoots medium sized yellow plasma balls, It has piercing shoots and chain damage, it also can chain up to 9 enemies if an enemy gets on the zap range. (Inspired By an Game.)

It Overheats pretty Fast, like with 3 Full Shoots

And here an bad draw i made.
Hehe Boy

When charging, the Spacecraft will emit an yellow aura that damages enemies close to it with 50 dps at max charge, also can chain up to 2 chickens.

(Anoter Bad Draw)
Sin título

This weapon would have an Charge Time Higher than absolver, like 3 secs longer.

(Idk how to put more damage info, im lazy.)
(I Think this thing is abit Overpowered)


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