Weapon Concept: Flammable Substance

Desc: While our sciencetists at the UHF Labotories still researching how Barbequer works. One of the sciencetist has unscrewed the Barbequer out and to surprise of the others, it collapses into parts, revealing the yellow coal that is the “source” of the Barbequer. Because the coal is provided to be super hot and powerful enough to melt down even the strongest metal on Earth, many sciencetist has stared researched on the coal and 4 weeks later, they introduced to all the Recruits the new weapon: Flammable Substance. Spray these hot fire at your chickens to roast them down and when at high level, it’s capable of utilizing blue flames that’s even hotter to burn through bubbles and destroy projectile as well! Except, watch out not to overheat your ship…

Unlocks by: 750 keys
Weapon Groups: Fire
Weakness and Strength: Based on Fire-Type weapons
Gift: Red gift with maroon ribbons. Appear to be burning when falling down.

Level change:
Level 0: Small weak fire at the tip
Level 1 to 5: Big fire at the tip which reach 100% more further
Level 6 to 10: Big fire at tip and 2 small fire at rear, spreading out 3 degree, bigger when level up.
Level 20: It’s now hold 5 Big fire at tip, rear and sides. The side fire is 6 degree away from the tip. It’s now does blue fire, dealing greater damage and can destroy projectiles, priece bubbles and barriers.

That’s all. (No toxic here please)


nice imagination :+1:
tbh, cool

it destroys projectiles only on max power on mullers? either way this is just unlimited barbequer

Cool described, but the destruction of shells is too unbalanced.

I feel like the barbequer and Absolver Beam are very good here when it’s come to destroy projectile, however, barbequer is limited and absolver beam only destroy when it’s fully charged. So, this weapon idea basically make you have unlimited barbequer fire like flamethrower while making sure people doesn’t have much satellites surronding them which can cause their ships to crash on projectiles unexpectedly, while still keeping barbequer on usage until it’s reach max level on the weapon tbh.

Yeah except this ability is unreachable on 75% of the game’s ships.

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