Weapon Concept: Carrot Missiles

Desc: Due to human’s advanced technology has reached far, far galaxies, the quest of searching a earth-esque like planet is also heavily adviced. The UHF is not an exception when it’s comes to territorial expansion, and they have been tasked to plant some crops on new-found planet to see if they have similiar growth than Earth itself. However, when the task samples were sent back to the UHF labotories, one of the crops grow brighter rapidly when it put into the dark. What surprised the sciencetist is that the carrot homing to the chicken mannequin, resulting an excellent discovery to the much dire-needed Bio weapons. Launch these carrots to the chickens and they will be running for their own lives!

Weapon Type: Bio
Unlocks: 1000 keys
Weakness and Strength: Based On Bio-weapon
Special: Homing to the chickens
Gift: Deep orange with green ribbons.

Level Change:
Lv 0: One small carrot at the tip
Lv 1: One big carrot at the tip
Lv 2: One big carrot at tip and 2 at rear
Lv 3: 3 big carrots at tip and rear
Lv 4 to 7: 3 big carrots and 2 small carrots at tip, rear and sides. Only damage increase after level 4 but it gain a small explosion when hit chicken at lv 5, gaining splash damage.
Lv 8: 5 big carrots at tip, rear and sides.
Lv 9: 5 Big carrots at tip, rear, sides along with 2 smaller ones at the sides
Lv 10: 7 big carrots at tip, rear and sides.
Lv 20: 9 big carrots at tip, rear and sides. Their spalsh damage and explosion now slightly increased.

Small: 400
Big: 600
lv 0: 400
lv 10: 4200
lv 20: 5400
Splash damage at lv 5: 200 with small and 300 with big.
Splash damage at lv 20: 450 with big.

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So sort of like the corn gun?

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