Weapon and ship ideas

WEAPON: Charge 'n Snipe

This weapon can be fired at 0 charge for minimal damage or at full charge, dealing MASSIVE damage (at the cost of a long wait time and knockback) Increased firepower allows faster reloads, just like the corn shotgun.

SHIP BRAND: Altrusia
SHIP: Skeeter Mki-iii

This ship is a sort of race ship that has high maneuverability and firepower at the cost of losing two lives per death. The damage multiplier increases with more lives lost, making it a high risk-high reward ship.
So @InterAction_studios , is it implementable?

Some image?

For the weapon: There’s no information regarding the spread. It’s just as important to give out the spread mechanics of the weapon as it’s firerate and damage. If it’s spread is minimal like the Boron or Moron Railgun, it’ll be non-viable despite it’s DPS due to it’s inability to clear asteroids. There’s also no information regarding the speed of the projectiles.

For the Altrusia: It’s currently impossible to make a ship faster than a Muller or H&C (as far as I know at least) as they instantly follow the cursor. So it unfortunately needs a new ability to differentiate itself from other ships.

Hopefully these questions will be cleared up.


Excuse me?

Why? Is it broken?

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Asteroids aren’t all the waves. Most of the waves favor focused fire.

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That does not make the ship a high risk taker, but a more damage-stable kind of ship.

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  1. Since it’s a sniper, it’s one hundred percent accurate. This weapon is meant for mainly waves with high health enemies (for example bosses). You could always switch weapons for certain missions.

  2. Noted. These are the only alternatives I could come up with :-

i. A significantly small hitbox.
ii. Making the speed of the H&C and Mullers slightly slower.
iii. Warps, which basically let you strafe in any of the four cardinal directions passing through any projectiles in the way. The distance warped is equivalent to the breadth of 3 chicks stuck line to line. Warps can be activated when you press a direction key along with the Z Key. Similar to Tracer’s blinks. Warps regenerate at the rate of 1 per every 10 waves, but you start off with 3.

If you’re good enough to avoid getting hit at low lives, then you deal high damage. Here are the ratios.

  1. =10 (50%)

  2. 7-9 (75%)
  3. 3-6 (125%)
  4. 2 (175%)
  5. 1 (200%)

That’s what I mean by high risk high reward.

Whoops, I meant to write greater than equal to 10.

If you’ve played Astro Avenger 1, then it’s similar to the big kamikaze.

Where i buy it, is Deadly Stars and yes, i played it

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GameTop? Yeah, those guys suck. I prefer MyPlayCity.

GameTop Dev: what game copy… Oh, yes this is best, only changed the name, what bad its coming on?
Edit:If this company create original game,obiusly, the game too bad.

Well, to each their own. I do use GameTop once in a blue moon.

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True, but still - I wouldn’t want to be Boss Rushing with this (and it sounds like that’s the intended use of the weapon) and run into Bossa Nova.

This, in particular, would be opening a can of worms.

In general, I am not against a ship balanced for space races - but it does mean that basically “if you have the Space Race ship, you will Space Race with that ship and do better than anyone without the Space Race ship” - so reduced strategical diversity, which isn’t usually a good thing.

Maybe a more space-sounding name, like the “Particle Bullet” or “Phase Accelerator” or something. Calling it Charge 'n Snipe is like calling the Utensil Poker Spam Clicker.

That said, I am not opposed to a charging idea. However, to address the issues that have been raised:

  • Accuracy, NOT total damage, should be increased by the charge. It could have about five spread bullets with a stable, decent damage so it could still be viable (if not ideal) for an asteroid wave, but suited to combat with single targets due to a slow fire rate. At a hypothetical (but unobtainable, see below) full charge, all the projectiles would be focused in a perfectly straight line dealing massive damage.
  • Charging should start to overheat the gun, and firing should instantly cool that. So you can fire the weak spread version infinitely, but overcharging it risks overheating and failing to fire entirely.

So a potentially pretty cool idea. However, I would still like to see the current weapons rebalanced before we add new ones. :wink:

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There are also other accurate weapons such as positron and plasma which are not viable options for boss rushing and making it spread is going to practically make it OP. If you don’t like the charge damage then you can fire it uncharged at a considerably higher speed. Charge is meant for when the obstacles are out of the way.

Welp, guess I just reincarnated the utensil poker in a ship form.

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“Uncharged at high speed” sounds like a decent compromise. I am still for the idea of the charge/overheat meter being one and the same though.

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That could work. Thanks for the suggestions!
PS: Does ‘Volt Slinger’ sound like an appropriate name?

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I certainly think so.

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