We want HARDEST difficulty in the game!

So, me, @Davoid, @isp, @kokokokos and @GgWw1175 came up with new difficulty. It should be near impossible, but you will not lose your lives and will not get any score during the game if this difficulty was chosen. Actualy, I wanted Super Star Heroine difficulty (diamorphine) but it’s bad name for something. The icon of this should be off scale and people with low tier can’t use it. This should be one of the secret items in the shop. We could get it from one store, that will change every month for example.


Did I really contribute though?

I’m in Russia, WE contribute though! :wink:

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What would it be for anyway

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Tungsten dioxide, what’s this?

i can imagine 5 mother hen-ships from CI2 making their attacks look like what flandre does from touhou, aka this


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It’s going to be hell


or this.

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Maybe the name can be reference to Zelda series?


so its like impossible mode

those chickens are crazy

Alright. Now totally seriously. Few points on that difficulty:

  • I love difficult things it’s not a secret (finishing them is actually rare, but I love to return to hard games). The most popular hard games that I played so far are: Super Meat Boy, The End is Nigh and Penarium. And they always have some goal - unlocking some secret things, achievements. Chicken Invaders Universe doesn’t have anything of that so until there will be reward (and few more keys isn’t reward for frustration) for that it shouldn’t have that hard difficulty.

  • As I said above difficult game needs to have it’s own goal so here’s my idea: every difficulty in must have a campaign where you can test your skill and get a reward for it - achievement, unique item or other reward. It can also serve as tutorial to game mechanics and enemies.

  • Near impossible is good, but it must be fair. It must be possible to complete the levels without super weapons and satellites.

  • Lives and score should be present in it. What would be the point?

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Yeah, I’m having a hard time believing it too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the near impoſſible part, but everything elſe ſhould work as normal, i.e. it ſhould be much harder than SSH, but ſhould have correſpondingly high point and key multipliërs.

I dont care, the dimensional phase-outs will save me! Well i will use at least 20 of them :rofl:

The name of the difficulty should be “Galactic Warrior”.
The Description: You will face your greatest challenge yet. Good luck!

This difficulty should have a restriction called “Fight of Honour” which means no items. Except lives.

Or you could just play a Touhou game. That works too.

If you could just use Dimensional Phase-outs every 5 seconds, there’s no challenge.

Yeah. There are 2 more difficulty harder than Super Star Hero

let’s add a secret one that can’t be bought from the shop