We need to convince iA to take that multiplayer test into an actual trailer of the game

We need every internet Conan here in order to convince iA to put the test multiplayer into its trailer. And thus y’all will be on the tv (and maybe get a contribution medal too idk)


i mean when the game finally is out he has to do a better trailer


the chaos is the best way and also the most realistic thing to help players have a closer look in the game

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the constant disconnections wouldnt look good


Then just cut it out and show a small part of it
Still, you have a good point

Yeah show the part where everyone except 5-6 people died to Crab 2.0’s first shield.

Show another part of people swearing like a sailor in the chat for 2 minutes.

Just show the good part (even if it is short), then make a transition to another good part and repeat

yeah like when we were in the ricochet, it is pretty good (not so many players died)

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wait they did ?

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lol it would be a fun multiplayer trailer

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there is sometimes where player doesn’t get disconnected at all, like we see no new player joined so i can confirm that, like in the ricochet wave (not too heavy because there weren’t many chickens on screen)

Well, it contains sensitive information such as callsigns

they can just hide it, it is their game after all

The plan is to create a multiplayer-focused trailer once multiplayer is officially released (it’s still under development due to some persistent bugs)

To that end, I’ll host a series of multiplayer missions to collect footage for the trailer. Callsigns will not be visible.

I’ll post more information nearer the time.


You heard that guys ? We have done it, we have successfully convinced iA even though it is not 100% !! We are going to have a lot of multiplayer that need to join

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