We need a new waepons + upgrade graphics

we need a new waepons
my ideas

  1. red laser
  2. minigun primary
  3. tornado
  4. black hole pull chickens
  5. missile lancher

upgrade graphics

  1. upgrade animations
  2. its a 2019 game we need a upgrade for all the game graphics

thx for the game
plz make the full game free

Graphics are fine.

Full version will be free-to-play and you can get a paid version that can transfer your progress between accounts.

EDIT: More info:

Source: Plan Update #01


Pleaſe tell me you’re kidding.

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Hey, dude, good game studios don’t have enough money today to make games fully free. They need to eat too, you know? You still will be able to use free version on your PC.
And about weapons:

  1. Already
  2. Already
  3. Suggested a long time ago
  4. Suggested, I think? Somebody check this one.
  5. Satellite


  1. Will be upgraded after full release
  2. R u realy?

How d you know that graphics are gonna get upgraded? Are they really?

Now, the game uses most of CI5 elements. Something will change for sure.

But they remastered CI3 bosses to THIS style, why would they do it now if it’s just gonna be changed again?


Also the background doesnt have much color as CI4 and CI5 backgrounds. Its just less insatiable.

I think background need more vfx