Waves+Enemies Suggestions

Lets get straight into it:

Wave 1: Chickenfall:

Chickens will act like a waterfall(or as they’re watersliding). There’re some important notes I added above that I recommend to read. Also enemies will be more than 4(maybe around 12).

Wave 2: Chicken Swinging:

Wave will contain 3 swings(2 if easy) and each swing will move like this if you’re not familiar.
Each swing will have only one enemy type(and if it’s a hard mission I recommend to replace the bottom barriers with egg barriers so the wave wouldn’t be so easy to pass).

Wave 3: Airships!:

Originally it supposed to be a big ground ship(of barriers) and the wave would be called “Warships!” but Idk it would be too complex&boring. Also it’ll be similar to “The Honeycomb Conjecture” wave. Anyway don’t forget to read the notes.

Wave 4: Hurry Up!:

Simple, you have to kill all the enemies before the barriers on the left\right crush you. Enemy amount and barrier speed will depend on difficulty. Oh and barriers will start from the screen edge not where they’re placed above.

Harder Variant(appear from 100% difficulty):

Barriers at top left\right side will close and open like a gate.

Wave 5: Surrounded by Portals:

You’ll be surrounded by portals while enemies come from a random one, you have to kill them before they go offscreen. I know it’s similar to “Out of Nowhere” but this one has Clean Sweep bonus and it’s supposed to be long(will take half the time “The Magic Flute” takes). Don’t forget to include “enemies in eggs” too.

Mirrored Variant:

Will have 50% chance to replace original variant.

Hard Variant:

Will replace both variants at hard missions.

Wave 6: Saucer Party!\Saucer Cooperation:

Wave doesn’t have 2 variants, I just didn’t know which name is better so I added both. Anyway this is a special wave for Saucer enemies only, meaning only Saucer enemies are allowed in this wave. Blue Alien “Fester” will move according to the red arrows(and will come from the other side), Saucer Chickens will move in-circles according to yellow arrows, Saucer Chicks will move according to green arrows and Green Alien won’t move because it can’t attack while it’s moving.


  • Saucer Chicks can replace Saucer Chickens(50% chance) and Saucer Chickens can replace Saucer Chicks(50% chance).
  • Saucer Chicks can replace Blue Alien “Fester”(25% chance).
  • Saucer Chicks can replace Green Aliens(25% chance).
  • Blue Alien “Fester” can replace Green Aliens(25% chance).
  • In easy variant enemies that move in-green arrows will be removed.
  • At mirrored variation all enemies will move the opposite of the arrows’ directions.

Wave 7: Retros from other Dimensions:

Beginner Loop:

Intermediate Loop:

Advanced Loop:

How can Retro Invaders be the closest ones to a Wormhole and they don’t have a wave with it? Anyway Retro Invaders will come out of Wormhole and green arrows are their directions. At Beginner Loop each group will be from 1 to 3 enemies(like in “Invader Crossing” Beginner Loop), the same group amount limit at “Invader Crossing” Intermediate and Advanced Loops will be also to “Retros from other Dimensions” Intermediate and Advanced Loops. Also at Intermediate and Advanced Loops if Retro Invaders reach the opposite Wormhole they’ll enter it and disappear.

Wave 8: Blackhole Spinning:

Two Blackholes will spin in the middle leaving enemies(enemies won’t move), you must hurry and defeat them before the other Blackhole gets them. Blackhole speed will depend on difficulty and they’ll spin the opposite direction at mirrored variation.

Wave 9: Chicken Trails:

Basically a chicken with a trail(or tail) following it. Wave will be 3 stages(or 2 if you think 3 is
too long) and each stage will have 3 chicken trails. They will fly in random directions for about 10 secs then leave the screen, just make sure they don’t pass the barriers below. Also if a trail came from the left side it has to leave from the right side and if it came from right side it has to leave from left side. Barriers can be removed if the mission if below 50% difficulty. Add Pecking Order of course, and trail size depend on difficulty(it’s not forced at 4 enemies), it can be from 4 to 8 long depending on difficulty.

Now to enemies: What if you took the chick from Gatling\Lasergun out? I’m terrible at editing them so I won’t post but imagine a Gatling\Lasergun without the chick, the only difference between normal Gatling\Laserguns and Auto Gatling\Lasergun is that auto ones won’t aim at the player, meaning they will fire at specific positions only and after a specific time, and they’ll have their own waves, their own positions that no other enemy can replace. You can make 2 types: One type have health and the other type is indestructible(can’t be destroyed).

Also keep in mind: If you destroyed all enemies and left autoguns they’ll disappear like barriers.

I’ll post a wave below as an example but remember: Gatling Gun and Laser Gun can replace each others’ positions and when they do they’ll fire the same amount(Gatling fire 3 times=Lasergun fire 1 time), wait the same time, etc… This also means that auto Laserguns could replace Egg Drones from CI3, the only difference is Egg Drones flashes before they fire while Laserguns aim a warning(this is the only wave where Gatlings can’t replace Laserguns)(they’ll also be prevented from disappearing in that wave).

Wave 10: Automatic Mechanics\Machines:

This could be the interduce wave to them. Enemies will spin in circles while 2 Gatling\Laserguns try to distract you. Yellow arrows are the directions they can fire at while numbers are the ordering, for example: They’ll start by firing from arrow 1, then 2, then 3, then 2, then 1 and so on. Also remember Gatlings can replace Laserguns as said above and the only difference is that Gatling Guns will fire 3 times while Laserguns fire 1 time. The time they wait to fire at the next direction will depend on difficulty.

iA, if you won’t add autoguns(the new enemies) or will add them later you can still add this wave(just make barriers destroyable and call it “Spinning out”).

Now which waves do you like:
  • Chickenfall
  • Chicken Swinging
  • Airships!
  • Hurry Up!
  • Surrounded by Portals
  • Saucer Party!\Saucer Cooperation
  • Retros from other Dimensions
  • Blackhole Spinning
  • Chicken Trails
  • Automatic Mechanics\Machines(Spinning out)

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This took me more than 2 days, so I hope you liked them :slight_smile: I’ll update this topic if I even thought of a new wave and I’ll answer all of your questions later. Stay Tuned!!


imma rename some of the waves. Hope you don’t mind:

The Waterpark

Infiltrating the Airship

Binary Black Hole


Some of these waves have potential…

it would be more interesting if the top row of barrier was horizontally flipped to the other side with enemies falling onto a bottom row of barriers on the bottom middle of the screen along with more layers of upper barrier ‘platforms’ to increase the enemy count. 5/10

Honestly, not very interesting, it’s a simple swing motion with chickens being guarded by barriers. There also exists the risk of the indestructible swing ‘handles’ interfering with the multikill of players should iA decide to make it crowded with 4+ swings. 3.5/10

This has A LOT of potential. If iA chose to add Gatling Guns, Laser Guns, Laser UFO’s, Fester UFO’s, etc, it could allow for a great deal of variation. Imagine, airships shooting Lasers downwards, gatling guns shooting eggs at your ship, and so much more. Granted, a larger zoom will likely be necessary, but they should make the ‘airships’ more complex and fun to fight. Having said that, the direction of the ships in your example don’t make much sense and almost feels insulting to the potential of this idea.

This’ll punish players with low fp or weak weapons FAR TOO MUCH. And what if the player spawns outside the trap after dying. The hard variant even worse because it uses Invincible barriers to artificially lengthen the wave duration, which I despise A LOT. 3/10

And that’s why I’m not too fond of this wave.

The Magic Flute already has that bonus since enemies can escape.

This actually seems fun. I would actually appreciate a wave dedicated to a whole type of enemies.

I disagree with these though, There’s actually a small chance that the wave would be all Saucer Chickens only, which would be bland in comparison to the given formation. 7/10 because of unnecessary chances for certain saucers to replace other saucers.

It’d be super easy to camp and spawnkill the retro invaders. And even if it’s hard enough where there are indeed too strong to spawnkill, it isn’t too interesting IMO. 3/10

Those two statements contradict one another. If we assume that enemies will go from one black hole to another, never appearing again, it’d be like a hybrid of Black Hole Skipping and the first phase of Fenced In but with a time limit. Not very interesting again. 3/10

This also doesn’t seem very interesting, I generally don’t find waves with a single row of chickens that fun. Also barriers once again… 3/10

I dunno if the firing pattern of the guns can be modified like that. Otherwise, it seems like an okay wave, with chickens firing projectiles randomly and with the guns precision striking your craft. 6/10

Overall 27/50, my advice would be to try to avoid making single line waves, or taking too much inspiration from existing waves, cause they bring your idea down. Also, try to find ways to make waves hard without using Invincible barriers to block your attacks, that sort of stuff makes gameplay unnecessarily tedious in a lazy manner.

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Saucer party scares me. But for everything else I say : top notch!

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Me with the previous waves added :joy:


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Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a Slob trying to follow a swing.


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea