Wave tweak needed

I don’t have anything beside my corn. I use a legendary 101.
Im dead right after the first shot, you can imagine the rain of wastes, there is near to no chance to win. If i used a bx it’s impossible to live after the first shot.

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Really, people can’t help right now. But I recommend you to use single weapon which can evaporate the enemy with just one click.
In my opinion, this is not a problem for me, I still sort it normally:

  • Difficulty from 0% -80% Muller Legend participates in the match
  • Difficulty 80% -100% BX-9 Legend joins the match (uses Plasma as the only weapon, and if I accidentally pick up another weapon, I end the session and replay that wave)

And the most important thing is that you must have mobility skills

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You shouldn’t need specific weapons to clear specific waves. Some weapons will definitely be more suited to certain scenarios, and that’s good, but if you want to adamantly stick with your favourite or if you happen to grab a bad gift, they should all be at least possible to clear the wave with.

Having waves softlock you into losing lives just because you started with the “wrong” weapon is not fun. I can’t speak for the specific wave that 1uws posted, but if it’s as hard as they say it is than maybe a tweak is necessary.


Everyone talking about Palpitating Grid but we’re completely sleeping on Wormhole that has the potential of being even more epic than Palpitating

Tho it kinda helps that all enemies are Cowards, it means you can take it slowly and safely and not worry about random armoured or metal suit shots going exactly at the point where they corner you to death


i passed max diff pulsating grid with corn only many times. I should have recorded a video or take a screenshot when i die. The cowards don’t avoid player in this wave and the rain of straight wastes is not dodgable. The new coward change make it so hard i thought it was a nerf?

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You cannot predict your future so buy a Wave Insight that is safest for you or Special Weapons.

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