Wave Training Program

I can tell that this was already suggested a lot of times but sure I’ll take it.

“The Henpire are smart, they formed in many formations to stop you. You might get sneak attacked, surrounded by chicks wielding Gatlings, trapped in a bullet hell,… That’s why we developed this program for you soldiers to know what to do if you’re in those situations.”

Wave training program is some sort of a practice mode for you to practice certain waves.

Wave training program is located at any hero’s academy. To start the training program, you select the wave and choose the difficulty, config, etc. The wave will start instantly. The wave ends if you win. Losing will have two options: restart program or stop program.

Note: You can only practice on waves you’ve encountered. You won’t lose any perishables/spec/auto uses in WTP. There will be no rewards or progress records at all in WTP because it’s practice mode.


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