Wave Suggestion

This wave is similar to The Weakest Link wave.

When the wave starts, the player has three choices of where to go. If they chooses the wrong way, they will have to destroy the pedal. And if they chooses the right way, they won’t encounter any fences. And so on three times each.
Every time you start to go through a wave, you have to go through this election either three times, four times, or five times.
Over 80% (or 100%) of the difficulty one of the barriers will be unbreakable, if you get caught on that barrier you will have to die
Zoom: The zoom will be like the “chicken highway” wave


This is to understand what role
I will correct myself, just in case, that the gray lines are not pedals, but barriers

This is my first idea, so don’t judge it too harshly


This is actually a great idea, but make sure the pedals aren’t super tough if the player is weak (or make sure power pickups drop before this wave if they are).


I originally planned for these pedals to be super tough, but what you wrote, I guess I’ll agree.


Despite the fact that the pedals are not depicted as super tough.

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Great wave idea, imagine if all three ways had indestructible barriers.

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Well it would be impossible to survive, including an unprepared player

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