Wave Suggestion: Single Letters - Single Symbol (an reworked for the wave Single Digits)

Although I don’t know how to create a new wave but this is a remake of Single Digits wave. Here’s how it works:

The zoom on this reworked wave will works like old Single Digits wave.
The wave only starts appearing works like the one I described above.
The enemies, pecking order… no. That’s enough. Still above.

So how do you think about this reworked wave?

  • Awesome
  • Pretty OK
  • Bad
  • Bruh

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please IA,add this wave now.

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Please cease your beggingness this instant

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How about you leave this place now?

I encourage something that is original and creative, rather than taking ideas from someone and just filling them with unnecesary improvements like you just did in this topic. So sorry, but for me this idea is a no-go

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Nice Idea I guess

Stop asking like that,IA will have their own decisions about adding those ideas or not, so it’s up to them to add those ideas or not.


single digits wave is already added in Chicken invaders universe

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how about single letters and symbols wave?

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