Wave Suggestion: Musical Score

The purple lines are the electric barrier things, supposed to look like these Staves in a musical chord. (They’re outside of the wave)
The notes will move rightwards. (Mirrored too, to keep out a “mirror” suggestion)

The wave will spawn 20 - 40 (from 40% to 140% difficulty) random note types, each in a different position (or the same, if you want).

Each type of note will use a different type of chicken.
(The first occurrence of the note will determine the other occurrence’s chicken type. So if the first Minim has appeared, the chickens for that Minim will determine what is used for the other Minims)

The rate of spawn will depend on which note is sent out.

If it’s a Quaver Note/Rest, the next chicken will spawn earlier.
If it’s a Crotchet Rest, it spawns the next one slightly earlier.
If it’s a Minim, it will spawn the next note at a normal rate.
If it’s a Semibreve, it will skip a note. (Does not count as skipping 1 note spawn, so if 10 have spawned so far, it will not skip the 11th because of a semibreve spawn.)

There will be a 150% Zoom.
The wave only starts appearing at 40% difficulty and higher.

Permitted Chicken Types for each Note type
Quaver Note, Minim, Crotchet Rest, Quaver Rest: Everyone except Gatlings/Laserguns. (Slobs allowed!)
Semibreve: Gatlings and Laserguns allowed! (Slobs still allowed!)


Sounds good. Will gatlings/laserguns be allowed in this wave?

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Will add what is allowed for each note.

I’ll uhh toss the reference if you don’t mind



i realized i messed up the eighth note

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Added to v.83 :medal_sports: Idea