Wave Suggestion: High Rise Buildings/Under Construction

I’m may not be an Architect, and I don’t know how to make nice buildings, but here’s a wave suggestion on architecture!

Your Ship Direction is DOWN.
The wave has a 150% - 200% zoom.

Chickens will fall from the top of the screen, constructing these “buildings”! (It should take a max of 10 - 15 seconds to fully construct the buildings)
Of course, it does not have to be exactly like these, but these are just for reference.

Gatlings and Laserguns are banned from this wave.
There is no safe zone, only a huge danger zone. You have to not get in the way of construction, and then do the demolition yourself!


here’s a bright idea call em Skyscrapers

Make 'em fill the whole screen, flip the spaceship upside-down, and call it Tetris. :wink:

actually the word Tetris probably has copyright so call it Block Fall or something lame instead lol

Added to v.83 :medal_sports: Idea


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