Wave: Rise From Above (and below!)

about this wave, this’ll mainly be depending on difficulty (and no harder variants for this, no thanks)

the chickens on the left side will be going upwards then going to the other side, they are going downwards and repeating the process about 3-5 times
depending on the difficulty, there’ll be more enemies that is going to spawn and different chicken as well
for the chickens that are going to be spawned at 140% is about 25-35 enemies
2 anomalies that’ll be facing to the side
(also balloon chickens for this wave because this’ll make more sense)
Restrictions: None (any chicken breed)

Added electric fences, thanks to xBendy for the idea
yes i know that electric fences look worse at it
also hero quip when he encounter this wave:
“Are they going to heaven or what?”


simple idea, easy to implement.


Nice! But, it feels empty. I suggest adding decorations like electric fences to make it more appealing. :wink:

i think i can but i need image of that

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