Wave ideas inspired by Fibonacci

Fibonacci Sequence

This is simple. The numbers will approach like the Single Digits wave, but 2-digit-numbers are also allowed: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89.

Fibonacci Curve

The danger zone is the 2 lower corners of the screen. The chickens approach from 1 corner and draw a Fibonacci curve, then exit at the opposite corner. This pattern can be flipped horizontally. The chickens will approach 4 times (alternating 2 times on each side), each time with 25 chickens. Difficulties can vary by different types / breeds of chickens or the movement speed.

Fibonacci Rectangle

The chickens approach by interleaved rows from 2 sides and form a rectangle containing 8 x 13 = 78 chickens. This rectangle can move or tilt limitedly.


Each inner square is composed of different types / breeds of chickens. For example, we can put 8 x 8 ordinary chicks, 5 x 5 ordinary chickens, 3 x 3 military chickens, 2 alchemist chickens, 1 UFO chick / chicken or 1 amrored chicken and 1 chick gatling / laser gun.

The Golden Ratio

This wave is derived from the Fibonacci Rectangle wave described above and also inspired by the Dyson Sphere wave. The inner squares are surrounded by indestructible barriers and the orbs present around them are needed to unlock them. I suggest the orbs positioning below (6 dots):


It would require a 200% zoom out. 1 of 3 ways below can be choosen allowing our spaceships to shoot all the orb:

  1. The entire rectangle will move and rotate, expose all orbs to shoot
  2. The spaceship rotates continuosly and should be moved around the rectangle to clear the wave
  3. Anomalies are introduced in the 4 corners

If the orbs and chickens inside are cleared in order mentioned on the picture, the remaining rectangle always satisfy (relatively) the golden ratio.

Boss: Fibonacci Chicken Problem

This boss wave is derived from Chicken Exponentiality (or Chicken Multiplicity), except the killed boss releasing mini-bosses just like the Fibonacci rabbit problem represented below (from the 2nd generation).


+) Firstly, a Super-Chick appears and releases 2 Infini-Chicks after killed.
+) 1 Infini-Chick releases 1 Big Chicken, the other one releases 2 Big Chickens
+) 2 Big Chickens to 2 Chickenauts each and 1 Big Chicken to 1 Chickenaut
+) 3 Chickenauts to 2 chickens each and 2 Chickenauts to 1 chicken each
+) 5 chickens to 2 chicks each and 3 chickens to 1 chick each
⇒ There will be 1 Super Chick, 2 Infini-Chicks, 3 Big Chickens, 5 Chickenauts, 8 chickens and 13 chicks (32 in total). This is a lot easier than Chicken Exponentially and can be an alternative boss for lower difficulty.



Just NO.

If you say “no” and can’t say why you don’t like it, then you’re an asshole

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well this is overly convoluted

i like it

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btw nice

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Thank you. I’m fascinated with the ideas of science-inspired waves like Anode - Cathode, Binary Stream / Scream… I’m still new to this forum and I’m looking forward to receive more feedbacks so that I can continue edit and complete my ideas. All constructive comments are welcome.

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