Wave idea:Who's There?

the (unoffical sequel) of What’s the Time?
Before we get to it,I would like to thank @SA-GoldenBoss128 for giving me some changes to this wave and making the image of it,I’ve only added arrows for the left and right conveyor in it.
So here’s how it will look like!

There will be 4 boxes of barriers,2 of them are on the left side with its conveyor moving from down to up,while the right one’s conveyor moves from up to down,Inside the boxes are 6 Eggs which contains the same enemies ( 6 Toxic Chickens,6 Klaus,6 Slobs,etc).
Inorder to open a box,you have to destroy its barrier bomb to remove it.
Also,2 anomaly zones are here to help you destroy the barrier bombs and the chickens.


its been nearly a week and this topic didnt get a single comment :neutral_face:
but still,thanks for the 17 likes,i appreciate it. :+1:

I like liking topics silently:) i wish iA would add this wave to the game soon, it looks very good and a bit challenging with ssh lol


since there’s only 4 days before this topic gets closed,i just wanna make a poll for the wave! (might reopen it again,not sure)
Do you think this should be in the game? (not begging)

are you ready to know who’s knocking???
  • Yeah
  • I don’t know?
  • Maybe…
  • Nope
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weird how it didnt close after 2 days
maybe IA forgot to do it

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@InterAction_studios could you take a look to this wave and decide to add it or not?
also please close this topic,it wasnt closed after 25 days,and all of my interest to this wave has vanished.

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a month has passed and this topic didnt close
i guess im fine with that.

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It’s still not closed because you keep writing messages. It’ll be closed 14 days after the last reply was posted.


oh ok

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sounds nice!

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