Wave Idea+New Boss Idea

The wave: Tactics & Strategy

So this wave is based around a checkers board: there are 2 types of chickens on each side of the screen, with barriers between each one, representing tiles on a checkers board (8x8 checkers board).
there is a safe zone in the middle with 2 anomaly zones near the safe zone, one goes up and the other goes down. This wave is not that difficult so it will start appearing on lower difficulty levels. at the highest difficulty level for this wave, there will be UFO chickens on one side and UFO chicks on the other with egg barriers between them. at the lowest difficulty level, on each side there will be 2 different kinds of regular chickens/chicks with low level barriers between them. in the mid difficulty levels, metal suit chickens will appear on each side, again, with each side having a different color.

Now the boss: Copycat
The chickens managed to create a spacecraft, similar to the hero’s equipped with the hero’s weapons of choice. (this spacecraft will be represented by Hen Solo, I’ll talk about the design of the spaceship later)
Copycat moves randomly at the top half of the screen until his attacks. there is a cooldown between each attack.
The attacks:

  1. The Ion Blaster:
    A very basic attack, Copycat shoots the ion blaster (firepower levels 5,10,20 depending on difficulty) 1-3 times (depending on difficulty) with a 1 second cooldown between each shot, the projectiles moves slower than the normal to give the player a chance to dodge
  2. The Neutron Gun:
    Copycat moves randomly left or right while staying on the top of the screen, while firing the neutron gun (firepower levels 5,10,20 depending on difficulty). The projectile speed remains the same (the neutron gun is already slow enough)

  3. The Boron Railgun:
    Copycat mimics the player’s movements while lagging behind a bit (kind of like how Hen Solo mimiced the player’s movements in CI4, tracks the player better as the difficulty increases) and shoots for 0.5 seconds with the boron railgun (firepower levels 5,10,20 depending on difficulty, really the only thing that changes here is the firing speed). Projectile speed remains the same.

  4. The Photon Swarm:
    Like with the ion blaster attack, Copycat goes to the top of the screen and fires the photon swarm 1-3 times (depending on difficulty) with a 1 second cooldown between each shot. The photons act exactly as they do normally (semi homing on you) except for the fact that they move slower. Firepower levels

    5)The Absolver Beam:
    Works like the boron railgun attack,Copycat mimics the player’s movements while charging the absolver beam, once fully charged, Copycat will wait 1.5/1/0.5 seconds before firing (depending on difficulty). Copycat will fire a few times before overheating, having to cool down, this is a very good chance to attack him
    (I’m still new to photoshop so please don’t mind the very bad editing in these pictures)

The Design:
So I’m not sure about what the design should be… At first I thought to use the player’s own spaceship as the design, but 1. that may be too difficult to do 2. the player may get confused between who is the hero and who is the boss.
And then I thought about using Hen Solo’s spaceship, with the colors changed(obviously it wouldn’t be actually Hen Solo, just something the chickens created that looks like Hen Solo) so you will be able to know who’s who, I really like this option because we don’t have anything related to Hen Solo in CIU, at least as far as I know.
I came up with 2 other options, one of them is to create an entire new spaceship design. The other option is to create something else entirely. I don’t have much to say about these options, I would have made examples if I didn’t suck at drawing and designing.
And that’s Copycat! Please let me know what you think of both my wave and boss! Thanks for reading :smile:


This seems familiar that I play this game on my Nintendo DS
Go to 1:04 and you’ll know the difference of this

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I’m sorry but I don’t think I understand what you mean by that…

This boss’ plot is pretty close to this.

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Space Invaders Revolution and it looks familiar

In that post, the boss used to be a hero, but he joined the chickens… My idea is that the chickens created a spaceship from scratch, specifically made to have the hero’s movement abilitiesand even making it use the hero’s own weapons,fighting fire with fire. There are some similarities, like both being spaceships… But I don’t think they are close enough.

Yes… I can see how it’s similar… But I have a question… Is that a bad thing?

I wasn’t too sure about this

I like the idea a lot. My 2 cents would buy a Han Solo gift hidden in one of the chickens. Randomly selected after reaching a specified amount of collected coins. If there are 2 or more chickens left does not matter as long as you have enough coins. They cloned Han so why not show 'em the real one! Be Well all…

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