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Greetings Recruit
I have an idea about new waves,and I called It

Intercept Spawn

Before the wave start,It will emit a safe zone and anomaly like an image above.

Then coming the 12 spawners surrounding you,and every spawners will orbit 90°/s.Then the spawners wait for 2 seconds before spawning.Every spawners will create 1 chickens consecutively and repeat 3 times.So they will be 36 chickens in this wave with delay 1,25 seconds per spawn.

Space Roadtrap
Before the wave starts,it will emit safe zone and anomalies like an image below

Then will appear the barriers and chickens from top corner and bottom corner,the barriers and chickens at top one will move to rightward,and the bottom one will move to leftward.There will be LV 4 Barriers on the top and bottom it will fire projectiles delay for 1,5 per shot.

Windmill Fan

A large danger zone will appear and 3 anomalies on left and right like an image above.

Then Appears Chicken which will form a formation like a windmill.In the middle there’s 2 two unbreakable barriers will form like X.The chickens will orbit 60°/s Clockwise.

Power Defense

5 gatling guns and 4 armored chickens approaching from above with extra protection triple barriers.

Thanks for reading this topic.
Hope you like it.


A spawnkilling wave? Now, we’re talking!


I’ve update this topic.

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Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


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