Wave idea: Chambers

Soooo, this is the wave ideas season, so I decided to make a new wave idea as well.
But before I jump into the idea, there’s a new enemy that’s specific to this wave, and it is:
Barrier bomb.
Barrier bombs are like normal bombs but, they only destroy barriers, especially unbreakable barriers. This can be useful for some wave ideas such as mine. They take a few bullets to be destroyed.
(Kinda inspired from deletes from Cavestory)

Here’s a poorly made concept of how the wave is going to look like

It’ll spawn different sized rotating unbreakable barrier circles containing chickens in it, with a 1-2 barrier bombs that destroys a few barriers allowing bullets to reach chickens.

A number of them will enter the wave, eliminating chickens in it causes the rest of barrier disappear and spawn a second last one.


Pomegranate from Fruit Ninja

Stuff aside, i love the idea. And the new bomb :eyes:


interesting bomb concept ill give you that


You can apply what Caged Animal wave does, where when all chickens inside are killed the barriers instantly vanish. Place a destructible barrier as a weak point and when destroyed all other indestructtible barriers around will instantly vanish leaving the enemies inside ready to be killed.


Steel bombs will explode more powerful than the normal bombs we’re ever faced

If they did, they’ll simply kill all chickens. So consider it like all chicken bullets that never hurt chickens.


Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea


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