Wave Honing Operation. (WHO)

From Cover to Cover: Not that it’s bad but you can lose keys due to bad RNG.

How so?

Shining barriers that are too low or in the inner ring end up unobtainable without crashing.

Same with every wave that you’re surrounded, like hatchery, let the games begin, roulette, caught by surprise… etc etc etc

Nothing to be mentioned, really. Just accept the fact that you can’t get 100% of keys in the game.


No, the margin of error with this waves is far less.

All barriers in that wave can be destroyed if you have the right weapon(sadly,it was made impossible with the heavy bomber). Also,if all barriers get replaced with egg barriers,none of them will have keys at all.

Oh, I missunderstood the problem, it’s like when you get the keyholder on the last chicken of Chink in the Armor. Still, no big deal at all.
About fCtC, you can still destroy all the barriers with the bomber with a highly overheated vulcan chaingun, chances are that you will kill all the chickens before though.


It may be a bit controversial, but I am still going to suggest it: What if barriers didn’t give points and clean sweep bonus when destroyed? This is mainly an idea to improve certain waves for daily and weekly challenges. As Orandza said, waves like Weakest Link are annoying, because to be able to compete in the challenges you have to waste huge amount of resources on destroying those damn barriers only to get points. I don’t think that’s quality gameplay.

IMO removing point rewards for barriers would just make challenges more fun to play. And would make waves like the Weakest Link, From Cover to Cover or Chicken Vending Machine much, much more enjoyable during the challenges. What’s better, with that solution we wouldn’t need to change those waves whatsoever. We are fighting chickens, not barriers after all…


Also I would add no keys from destroying barriers.


Yea, good point.

Chicken Invaders is practically Seriko now.

Would like to adjust “Caged In” wave. Barriers/Egg Barriers disappear immediately after killing all chickens inside.

Intercepting Deliveries as well — on the pattern they move. The droids move too fast and the bubbles block them most of the time.

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The first thing that came up with my mind is that why are fighting enemies other than the chickens? Like Space Crabs, Space Burger Droids, the Iron Chef and the artifact mission bosses. Wouldn’t they be excluded as well?

Unlike barriers, this just doesn’t make sense gameplay-wise.

You can get to the bottom left corner to kill the droid if you’re powered enough, although it’s a bit risky if there is a guard droid coming up.

They make sense plot-wise, and the only artifact boss that isn’t chicken related is the heart, in which I do agree. The other one is a chicken ice golem and a barn.
Space crab? I’ll give you that, but back in CI4 it was good because it was a surprise to both player and hero. For the hero is obvious because of him screaming what the hell is that, and for the player, it is the first non-chicken boss in the whole saga.

I feel like “Visitors from another dimension” is too long. The timespan in which enemies spawn is too high in my opinion.

I disagree with you, barriers were a (implicitly) homage to the ones used in Space Invaders.IMG_20190916_104107 The only difference is that it can be used as a protection against incoming enemy projectiles. Obviously seen on the wave Tribute.
I could say that those barriers on Space Invaders doesn’t make any sense either, gameplay-wise.

The notes to consider here:

  • Enemies are protected themselves by barriers to make it more difficult (or to take more time) to kill them.
  • Some wave names implicitly/explicitly indicate the existence of barriers eg. Barriers to Success, From Base to Base, Caged Animals. Removing them or replacing with common enemies doesn’t make sense on those waves.
  • Making these barriers yield 0 score can be a reasonable solution, but not practical as it takes clicking effort to destroy them. Removing them from Clean Sweep bonus requirement works better.

I do remember a request to have chickens and other enemies as a replacement for barriers at the Apple Core. Imo, that doesn’t make sense either plot-wise.

I think it should only be done in specific waves,especially weakest link. I guess in pretty much al of them where they’re “not supposed to be destroyed” and have a huge health boost?(also for maybe “from cover to cover”)
It just feels wrong in other ones,and removing them from the clean sweep requirement doesn’t solve the issue because:

  1. A lot of the waves with barriers don’t have the clean sweep bonus.
  2. Weakest link already does this,but barriers give way more points than just a simple clean sweep,so it changes nothing.

It just feels wrong to destroy the regular HP barriers and not get any points. You spend extra effort for pretty much nothing. Yeah,the name of the game is not barrier invaders,but that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything has to be a chicken(besides,egg barriers are shaped like eggs,so I guess they’re kinda related?).


IDK, if we made barriers drop no score only on some certain waves, it could get a bit confusing. I think making all barriers yield no points wouldn’t hurt regular gameplay in any way. It’s basically a problem exclusive for challenges. Personally for me, focusing barriers first to be sure that they don’t despawn too early, just to get those damn points is one of the most annoying things in the game. Especially in waves like Chicken Roulette, Billards or Caged Animals. And there are also the “health boosted barriers” waves that are even worse.

Well, we are just used to the fact that they drop points. Just like we are used to chickens spawned by Egg Cannon or Henterprise not dropping points. I can’t think of any wave that wouldn’t benefit from such change. Only exception is “Shoot the Core” bossfight, on that wave I agree that we shouldn’t remove points from destroying the barriers. (It’s the only barrier wave that is a bossfight, so it makes sense to make it an exception) I think we should at least try this out. If ppl don’t like the change, we can always revert it.

Another possible solution is to remove barrier points, but only on challenge mode. Instead in challenges we could add other more skill-based point bonusses. (No lifes lost, no specials used, all enemies cleared, no satellites used) This way we can have an egg and eat it too.

Hey, just dropped to say that I’ll think about barriers in the final post.

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