Wave Honing Operation - Part 4: Rolling Ball of Chickens, Energy Fences and Nasty Surprise

CIU is a game that has more than 100 waves, most of them are pretty good, but of course, there are some that would benefit from some adjustments.
Hi, I’m a flaming gator, and today we talk about the Last three waves listed here. (Wave Honing Operation. (WHO) ).

This is coming out early because 2 out of these 3 waves have a 1 second “fix” (you’ll see why I highlighted fix in a moment).

So let’s start with “Nasty Surprise”
The thing that made got wave into this list is that it is “Too difficult with spread weapons”. While I see how autolock weapons may be a slight problem, I just have one solution for this:

  • Be careful.
    Yes, I’m not actually gonna propose anything. The “problem” listed here only comes into place at high difficulty and guess what: people play at high difficulty because they want the difficulty to be high. Just take your time during this wave. But you’re free to disagree with me at any point; this is a forum after all.

Rolling Ball of Chickens is in the same boat. It’s here because it’s “Unsatisfying at low difficulty”. Well, any wave chick-only may be unsatisfying, and while I don’t see this as a problem, there is a “fix”

  • Making this wave only appear in high difficulties.

The one slight annoyance with this wave, however, comes from it’s random delay between phases. It’s just awkardly long.

  • Making the delay between phases inexistant, or almost.

Well, let’s finally dive into the main dish: Energy Fences.
“Boring, takes too long”.
Hmm, where have I heard that.
Possible solution to this are:

  • Removing just one row of chickens;
  • Making the chickens more static, but not totally;
  • Reduce the space between rows;
  • Having the rows move down slightly faster;

Those are my solutions for now. I would like to hear your take on this wave and other possible problems with it, possible solutions and flaws in my propositions. Next time: The Big Compiling and the Barrier Discussion.

I definitely agree with you on this one.

Wow, two out of three!



That would do the trick.

Oh, that ſounds like fun, eſpecially in combination with the preceding ſolution. I think the ſpeed ſhould vary by difficulty.


You have some valid points and fix’s.
What about the weakest link wave? Am I the only one that finds that a bit boring?
I noticed the “Toxic Chickens” appearing lately in that wave but not much, which helps with difficulty. Maybe more of those in that wave would make more of a challenge to navigate.
Oops sorry I see you have already addressed “The weakest link” but still think more toxic chickens would fix that one up a bit.

I think that toxics are bullcrap in that wave, although I never encounter them, so maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Yet again, their gas clouds doesn’t move with camera so they aren’t too dangerous.


I have a feeling that in Rolling Ball of Chicks, the delay between second and third sets is a few seconds longer than the first and second.

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Yeah, I have the same impression but I wasn’t sure

That is the only wave that the toxics really would get in your way was my point.
You have to wait for the cloud to go away and by then you have a challenge unless you have enough fire power to shoot the links that are not open already.

Only dangerous in that wave for exactly the reason you said. They linger at the spot you kill them.
Meanwhile those links are bearing down on you .It would be about the timing of killing them to get through the open links.

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