Wave Honing Operation - Part 2: Four Lane Merge

CIU is a game that has more than 100 waves, most of them are pretty good, but of course, there are some that would benefit from some adjustments.
Hi, I now morphed into a flaming gator, and today we talk about the second most voted option in the pool , Four Lane Merge. (Wave Honing Operation. (WHO) ).

This wave suffers from the same fate as “High Speed Chase”: It’s too boring and long.

The possible solutions for this are:

  • Reduce the number of enemies in each of the 3 phases by 1/4;
  • Adding 2 bombs, appropiatly spaced, per phase.
  • Total overhaul:
    Spreading each lane to a different screen border, and making their appearance spot random in that border. For example, a lane could be placed in the upper left border once, and then could reappear another time in the lower left border.
    NOTE: Two “Danger Zones” like: “Look in all Direction” will have to be added.

Those are my solutions for now. I would like to hear your take on this wave and other possible problems with it, possible solutions and flaws in my propositions. Next time: The Magic Flute.


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