Wave editor, weapon editor...

I’ll be back to the wave editor. You can use waves from CI1-5, you can also create your own. You can customize: the waves are repeated every chapter to infinity. You can configure the movement of enemies (you can also use enemies / their settings from past games (for example, add Terminator Chickens)). You can create your enemies. It is possible to use textures from past games.
There is also a weapon editor idea. You can adjust the speed, the number of shells, their texture, the level where you can get this weapon.


I’ve had this idea too.

this would be great for another game! I like the idea of sandbox games

Isn’t something like that already planned?

Regarding the weapon editor (and the wave editor too I guess), what if we were also able to export the weapons we make into a file that players can open in some sort of a sandbox environment where they can spawn enemies and adjust the power level to test the weapons out? That way they could try them out in-game and possibly give the creators better feedback on their ideas.

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