Wave: Cluckmania

Hello recruits. The chicken are bringing their keyboard to war for some reason. And the bunch of chickens are in a line. Things are getting…groovy

Cluckmania. Well hell, is this a Rhythm game reference? Yes. Yes it is.

Cluckmania is a wave based on Osu-mania or Stepmania or something like that. The wave start by giving you a LARGE danger zone in the middle. After that it present you 4 interdimensional portals. It stay at either top (up scroll) or bottom (down scroll)

Now I am a downscroll person so I will use down scroll for the wave demonstration.

oh and anomaly zones for both sides

Now, for the special about this, the interdimensional portals are supposed to spawn chickens. But in this case, the chickens are entering it.

Now, the “charting”. Rhythm game chart is somewhat complicated. You spam the shit out of your clicking, add notes/arrows everywhere to the beat of the music, expecting people to beat it by pressing their keyboard right.

Easy charts come in easy, only few notes on the screen and the scroll speed is slow and fine

Normal charts become faster, more notes and hold notes (in chicken, they are line of chickens)

and like that. And the more harder the game gets, the algorithm get less mercy and will give you high speed chickens and a lot of chickens to shoot.

not just like that, gaps, noodles, jacks, jumps, streams, jump trills, etc. Giving you those finger-breaking nightmares back in the day of pressing and spamming 4 keys.

oh and, the chickens can also be anything (except mini bosses for obvious reason).

note: though idk if dimensional ports can delete chickens but iA can just use blackholes instead

and yes, this is a clean sweep wave.

and this wave takes ~20 seconds to beat.

and no, this is not a FnF reference, shut.

This wave was made with the help of my young brother (he pro at mania)

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ps. Sorry for my bad charting rhythm enthusiasts. Have this to relieve you (or hurt you idk)


This wave is also based from the gameplay of “Friday Night Funkin”




holy fuck this is actually really good, gg (also i am always bad at osu mania lmao, so this is going to be really therapeutic for me)

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Thi5 looks like a nice [[4 For 1 Specil]]

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So basically a magical flute but fun and more casual?

no. just no.
osu!mania existed.


he clearly stated it in the topic,

Yes it is

Insted of 4 portals, why don’t we add 5 more portals and it become 9 portals (9 keys in FNF)+chickens spam

Nice idea

good idea

I cannot belive this.



no. only 4k, we say no to 5k and above

I forgor :skull: to merge two posts


This is cool, but you should place an anomaly on top (if you use down-scroll) or bottom (if you use up-scroll).

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