Wave 97 of Weekly Challenge. (February 4)

So, I made it to Wave 97, and guess what?

I got Spiral of Doom, which contained nothing, but Chickenauts. Basically, I was guaranteed to die, and I had no Dimensional Phase-outs. Seriously though, that was really unfair. I died 3 times on this wave just because of that.

(Which ended with me leaving with only 2 lives left. It was a literal spiral of doom.)

If you like this post in 2020, you are a terrible person.


I guess it lived up to its name.



Well i kinda predicted this. Look my posts. I dont have a quote :frowning:

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I was going for top of the leaderboard and that wave ended my mission :cry:


That’s how IA work

me either !

Next weekly - Ultimate extreme square dancing full with chickenauts and egg ship chickens :slight_smile:

HELL NO! Please! @xdtruedame’s joke about chickenauts at The Yolk-Star™ came true, so please don’t say that :sweat_smile:

Are you a deadman?!
Message supposed to be directed to the person below. Before edit there was a dumb picture, don't bother searching the original post, please.

terminator gatling guns on the yolk-star battle

Nope. I’m just a normal BOI

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