Was the accumulator nerfed?

Its been a while since I have played the game and the accumulator feels slightly weaker. The charge up time is longer, and the duration is smaller.




YES and why did IA did this? it should work the way the accumulator came out

It is for something that I myself recognize, the accumulator was a bit broken but I think they went a bit too far making the accumulator very weak since its charge is fast up to half and that duration is less than 1 second and it is something super worse When you play Boss Assault, I would settle for a weak accumulator and to have it a little better I would have to improve it with keys

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Yes the accumulator was a lil bit overpowered. Up to double fire rate without producing heat, while being so fast to recharge is a lil over the top. Didn’t have the chance to play since the last 2 patches.

I think tbh the faster drain is balance considering that the accumulator does not consume heat. So pre-nerf you would last longer before you overheated if you started shooting fast

in my opinion the accumulator as it is, is fine for now and is better placed as a balance considering that it discharges immediately when it is full day. before you accumulated too much and had much advantage.

Both boosters currently give +50% firerate.

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