Warping FOV suggestion

The game need to zoom out and at least 3 times while traveling within a star system so that you can see where you are heading, not to say it causes somewhat motion sickness seeing spaceship so close, don’t auto show the bright sun screen-wide when selecting missions, it hurts the eyes.
Also the “overview” option when traveling from stars to stars near the end should also zoom out a little bit.
In short, the game should zoom out to see where you’re heading and the surrounding stars, planets, not the current level of intense closeup just to see the spacecraft and nothing else.


With warp drive & boost upgraded to maximum it takes less than a second to travel from one planet to another, so zooming out for that would look awful. Not to mention orbit droid that also shortens the docking.

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Not many people can fully upgrade 3 warping items to get it that fast, it would be cool experience during the warping time they can see the beauty of the universe

its just dots

also my warp drive is upgraded to max too

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