Voron RailGun Weapon V2.0

Ok. Ok. you got me. it has been a while for me to think up ideas for this one. maybe better, maybe worse, let’s just see how this goes.

so, Voron Rail Gun is what i came up for the past few months. so, this was what and why i came up with this.

How it is used: Automatic firing OR Singular fire.

Looks: a straight-forward cannon blast which colour is orange.
if there are any questions please do not hesitate to answer back. (PS. @Sammarald: i owe you a big thank you for that idea you came up with, an upgraded version of boron, good idea!)

thats all from me.

A third version of the Boron Railgun might not be necessary, considering we’ll already get the Moron Railgun, which will be worse compared to it.

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Moron?? Railgun who made that idea?

thats much worse than i thought tbh

InterAction studios. That weapon is briefly shown in the inventory in Teaser 2. It’ll be the starter weapon.

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Oh now i get it. i didnt know that until now

well, my idea career is over. time for me to move on and earn some more medals from the CIU.

(hopefully next week,we can start saving the world once again)

although i have an off-topic question to ask you guys

if there was a convention of CI, what would be the short name for CI con?:thinking:

One CI speedrunner (Kartacha), said about a year ago that he called the Boron Railgun a Moron Railgun as a nickname, because it is a bad weapon. When i see the Moron Railgun in the teaser, i said wow this guy predicted the future.

he mus be a foreseer for the future


Please dont post so much!


I flagged all his spam but they should remove them

What a funny thing lol

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