Visual bug with Vulcan Chaingun/comets

Noticed there is a visual glitch with Vulcan Chaingun. Its projectiles will glitch and show their ugly rectangle hitboxes when inside any comet’s trail (most noticeable with Henlley’s Comet). It is bad and hurts my eyes.

It also only happens when the game is on full-screen.

So, uh, I’m new to this forum (not the game tho). Is this how i report a bug?

Graphics are High.


What it looks like?


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He just gave a description,lol.

Sounds like a graphics driver glitch (especially since it happens in fullscreen, but not windowed). I’m afraid nothing can be done about it :frowning:

Post a screenshot if you have one, though, it’s always helpful.


I have never noticed this, and I’m always bringing my vulcan chaingun to comet chases and well, everything actually. Have not tried on version 28 though.

Okay, I spent around 1500 fuel searching for a clucking comet chase and didn’t find any… how bad can my luck be?

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Got it.

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