Virtuosity should be removed

I understand it’s supposed to be a telling of the person’s skill, but maximizing it involves a ton of stalling waves and waiting around, which isn’t really skill. This simple act of stalling out waves, that doesn’t involve any skill at all - just a time sink - can make a player who is actually better at navigating, never dying and even better at going for multi-kills and pecking orders, get a lower score than someone who did die, but was maximizing virtuosity through stalling.
Regardless, the point of virtuosity is to get people to use every weapon in a competitive field… But don’t weapon/gift drops having the significant amount of 16k score attached to them, already encourage using different weapons just fine? Virtuosity only adds another layer of RNG or cheesy stalling for some players to overtake players which are better than themselves skill-wise.
I just think this is sort of unfair.


Already suggested and may go into action soon in September.
iA noted it already.

Ohhhh, I see, sorry I wasn’t aware of that, but thanks for informing me! I hope it gets changed.

Lemme just inform you so you can know more clearly.

It’s September now.
Hope he will look it soon.

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