Video Demonstration: Mountable Part 1 (International)

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(International) - Only gameplay, no words
Mountable is not Special Weapons , and you can get Medal

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All weapons with 10 expanders (\//):

All weapons with 5 condensers (||||):


Even for me this was helpfull. I never knew what the bullet spray expander and condenser doing, because i never didnt pay attention to them.

I wonder how is it like when using bullet consender on max level ion blaster

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Neutron gun with bullet spray expander like ion blaster

If you want to see all weapons with 10 expanders,watch this. For 5 condensers(you can’t use 10,only 5),watch this. Note: the 5 condensers test was done several updates ago,even before the vulcan chaingun buff,so you won’t see what would vulcan chaingun look like with condensers,and neither will you get to see neutron gun or boron railgun,sorry.

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Good video, but you messed up music.

What do you mean?

That @RoboCat in his video used weird music that doesn’t fit Chicken Invaders.

Ah,sorry,thought you were talking about my videos.

Use music from Chicken Invaders ?

In my opinion that would be better.