VF-X and H&C Weapons

I played the H&C 101 and VF series after 1 day and found that the weapons are quite weak, especially against armor chickens. So me and one other person planned a slight buff for the H&C and VF series ships as follows:
From level 8 to 14: equivalent to level 8 of M40X
From level 15 to 19: equivalent to level 9 of M40X
From level 20+: equivalent to level 10 of M40X
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no, these are suposed to be weak. if you lack power, the other 2 families can help you.

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With this idea, there would be the issue of no firepower reduction between each spacecraft in the VF family, which would mean the last model becomes more popular than the others since it has more satellites. The firepower cap was added to make choosing spacecraft more interesting and balanced.

Besides, the current environment resistance is likely only a placeholder ability for now. iA may choose another special ability down the line.


Bring back full powered H and Cees!!!

that will draw most of the attention to them instead

guys, we’re supposed to give our opinions, not this.


hnc are supposed to be weak, training spaceships, light and fragile, making them full powered makes them op again, hell the old hnc 101 was the best spaceship in the game and you had no reason to use anything else due to its tiny hitbox and being able to reach max power

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Honestly that rework was fine for me (even though I prefer H&Cs). That thing just help people in promoting Müllers ig especially for newcomers.

After I saw that rework, I just replaced my H&C with a Müller, and I’m fine with it since I’ve been using Müllers for many times as well.


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