Version 10.1 question

Will any new gamemode be added in ver 10.1 ? (Missons in game now is boring for me. I want something new.)

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Try SSH. It won’t be boring for long if you pick hard miſſions.

OK then. I’ll try later

You’ll probably have one hell of a time if you do Daily missions on SSH though.

Its not enough for me

Then play a hard mission with only 1 life, and no items to help you. On SSH.

Or play hard misson with keyboard only

Nah, play it with a wiimote

Use a television remote

Nah, I don’t have smart TV

Use a pencil and paper to draw every single frame then

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Buy a smart tv. That would be a great challenge

I don’t have enough money.

Thats where fun starts

Play CIU on touchscreen laptop ?

Just play with closed eyes.

play without moving or better play kamikaze-only (if you don’t know what kamikaze is, it’s basically a weapon, which is our spaceship, and kamikaze is basically crashing into chickens only)

Easier way: play with turnoffed screen

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Play wit only listening

Full slot of Extra lives is here.