Vampire Chicken

Boss Fight

I figure this chicken would have his own theme song. A spooky one.

This chicken is out for blood…and yes, it’s yours. He would wear a black tuxedo, have red eyes, and have fangs in his mouth, as expected from a vampire. I could give him pale feathers but chickens normally have white feathers so…

He will appear more often in darkness levels. I personally find those levels to be kind of spooky. Maybe it’s the music?

Unfortunately, pilots don’t have a garlic gun, which is weird since you have a corn gun. It might come in handy in these sorts of situations.

Bats - The chicken will summon bats to swarm you. They will roam the arena a few seconds before they disappear. You can shoot the bats but it might be best to focus on the boss, since he can’t exactly summon more if he blows up. More bats will appear on higher difficulties.

Coffin - If the chicken has taken a beating, the chicken will retreat into a coffin. While he’s inside, he can’t be damaged. In the meantime, you’ll want to deal with the chickens that he’s summoned for assistance. Once the chickens are gone, the coffin will disappear and he can be atttacked again. Are these chickens hypnotized? Well, the vampire chicken and the common chickens share a common enemy, so not necessarily. Some of them might be though.

Mist - The chicken will turn into white mist and attempt to follow you around to crash into you. And yes, it’s kind of like the Yolk Star once you destroy its shell. In this stage, he can’t be attacked. Eventually, he will return back to his normal form. The mist is larger on higher difficulties.

Oh, and he can also appear in sun levels for some reason. I guess he’s not one of the vampires that burn up in sunlight. Normal chickens can survive the sun’s heat, after all.

the coffin healing thing would be problematic for players with low fp though, maybe that attack should result in something else


Oh. Well, in that case, I could change it.

I changed it.

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