Valerix's First Impressions


Hello fellow chicken hunters!

Before I tell you my feedback about the first early access version of CIU, I wanted to say that I’m new to this site and I really like its design and the community seems pretty nice overall! I need to get used to it and learn more about it but I read the rules and they are how they should be!

I started testing the game from yesterday but I still felt like I wanted to explore more things to get a better idea of it!

Note: I know that some of the things I’ll write here already have been discussed in other topics but I’d want to detail my own thoughts about them.

1. Interface
Nowadays, a minimalistic interface is a great choice and I like it because it looks modern! However, it still looks a bit too bland and maybe a few more details would improve it to give that vibe of a CI game.

2. Graphics
They have never looked so awesome! Everything is remade to even higher quality and it’s even more satisfying killin’ those chickens! I find really interesting the zoom in and zoom out effect of the galaxy and the rotating planets too. However the in-game background at certain planets/satellites, could be changed to match a bit their theme, so it also gives a bit more variety.

3. Music
I love the soundtracks from previous CI’s games so it’s great that they’ve returned and I also love the new soundtracks! High quality and nostalgic at the same time!

4. Server
This is an expectable problem with any multiplayer game that’s in the first days/weeks of developing the alpha versions so for now I’m not complaining much about the disconnects.

5. Gameplay
It’s nice to see the waves from previous episodes but I hope that more types of waves will be added in the future since it will become too repetitive (until now I haven’t found any new type of wave, at least it didn’t seem to me as being a ‘‘new’’ one). Probably, I could say the same about the enemies (and bosses) too because it will take a huge amount of time to explore every star system. Thematic enemies could be an idea. For instance, at the hot planets every chicken to be instead a ‘‘fire chicken’’.

6. Difficulty
Once in a while, as other people complained, there are very hard waves and I don’t necessary have a problem with them, they should exist but rather be placed around other waves of similar difficulty, not around some easy ones.

7. Shop
Some items have their price unbalanced in comparison to others. For example, the neutron gun is less powerful than the utensil poker and yet it’s still more expensive. Paying for painting your spaceship (which doesn’t add any bonus, it’s only for the design) shouldn’t be a thing since you’d need to save keys for consumables and not only.

8. Conclusion
I’ll continue playing this game, be as active as I can in this community and give feedback about this amazing space shooter because it has a lot of potential but it needs to be polished regarding some aspects.