Utensil Poker & Neutron Gun Revamps

Utensil Poker & Neutron Gun Revamps

So this post is regarding the Utensil Poker and Neutron Gun. I believe they have degraded in their worth so I think it would be a decent idea to revamp them. I was thinking to extend the fire rate ever so slightly, nothing major. Here’s a rough spreadsheet for them both:

Here’s a quick demonstration of the Utensil Poker in-game (8 firepower):

And one of the Neutron Gun (12 firepower):

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)

Just a small tweak, let me know any suggestions!


but how does that affect their DPS


it doesn’t? only the firing interval

This makes them fire faster without any projectile damage or volley changes, so it had to be changed


what makes them fire faster without any projectile damage?

I meant that you didn’t change the volleys or projectile damage in any way

So this would make Neutron stronger than Laser, and Utensil stronger than Ion


huh, so you’re actually supposed to change the DPS value to avoid changing the projectile damage?

It changes on its own depending on the fire interval and volley damage


the DPS changes on its own? and even if the damage increases, i think that’ll be good considering the price of them, and the laser cannon and ion blaster ain’t that expensive either.

can you summarise? i’m dumb lol

DPS is a function of damage per volley and the firing interval. The higher the damage per volley is and the lower the firing interval is, the higher the DPS.
Basically, if we’re making them shoot faster, we have to lower their damage per shot accordingly to keep their damage output the same.
I’ll take a closer look into this tomorrow, I’ve been working on some slight changes to Neutron anyway. I can throw Utensil into that as well.

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ooooh, now i get you. sure, reducing the damage could be done.

really, I just wanted to demonstrate the speed increase. but yes, damage reduction would be good.

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