Using keyboard keys to quick find

Would be nice if you can press the first letter of the user in your contacts to easily find them, like finding items in shop


The thing is that contacts are not sorted by name yet.


While we’re at it, can we have the spaceship hangar organised the same way, rather than purchase date?

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Added to v.38

:medal_sports: Idea


I also suggested sorting contacts in alphabet and date added and type

Added to v.38

:medal_sports: Idea


Ok. Added that, too.

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My perfect 1:1:1 “Early Access” medal ratio has been ruined! My medal collection will never be equal again! :sob:
@InterAction_studios May I decline the honor? :joy:

(But thanks for adding the idea :wink: )

You get more idea medals than bug medals? Bug medals are much easier than ideas. I got only 2 idea medals but about 12 bug medals (not remember exactly) already.

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I only have one of each :joy: - unless you know of a way to get more than one “Early Access Participant”, in which case I would be happy to accept the idea medal and then proceed to try and keep them all balanced (or at least above three, for the in-game UI).

But what can I say? I’m a creative soul. :heartpulse:

For fairness to all players you’re getting it whether you want it or not.

But- but- I’m sure someone else suggested it first! :joy:

(This is probably going to get off-topic fast - maybe we should just wait for official response :wink: )

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Sure – no medal for you!

It takes time and effort to award a medal. I have to search the database for your username (if you use a different forum name then I have to look that up first), then manually schedule a medal for the next time you log in (I can’t award medals if you’re online), then make a note in the database about why this medal was given. Why would I prefer to go through that anyway?! Medal denied :joy:


Can’t you make a little script for doing that easier?

I’ve automated as much as I can. Discourse isn’t integrated with the game so human effort will always be necessary.


Yes, but you could make a script like this:

Python 3.0:

usename = input()
[script for making medal for the variable username]

Turbo Pascal 7.0:

var username : string;

    [script for making medal for the variable username];
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That’s the tricky bit, though. :wink:

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I wonder if you have any special “moderator screen” ingame that only you can access (for example, awarding a contribution medal, a medal-awarding log or a Chicken Hunter License badge next to your callsign) and if so, can you share a screenshot of it? It’s okay if you say no, I get that there might be some confidential information that should not be shared.

Aw mann, this is going off-topic
This is an Idea, and this is where to discuss about it, why?

I do, but it’s not pretty. Do not look at this unless you’re comfortable with seeing “how the sausage is made”.