Using a vpn and getting disconnected

i used a vpn while being in the game, then i get disconnected, i cant go in the game cause it disconnects, i turn the vpn off, and then i close the game.
after i am in the game, i see my fuel has decreased(i bought 200 fuels before going on an other star system, after i reach the new star, it disconnected) but i wasnt in the place i bought the gas!
i lost a lot of progress because of a vpn and i hope that the disconnections wont do damages in the next update

You likely lost progress because you did stuff while getting disconnected, which means your stuff never get saved.
Wouldn’t be fixed ig, since the same thing happens with cheaters.

i was going to an other star system which needed 20 fuels, how that decreased 180 after i got disconnected?

When you got disconnected, did you get teleported to the other star system?

no, i am in the place before starting traveling rn

Aight, your fuel tank is probably leaking.

wait what?

You do not lose resources if you disconnect. If you have started a trip, then the trip will continue while you are disconnected. Due to this, when you log back in, you might be in a different location and your fuel might be less.


Well, I started a trip, but after disconnection i wasn’t the place I was going to , the trip was cancelled but I lost way more resources than I spent on the trip, hope I can help in any way

when you disconnect, your ship stops moving

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