User Status - Active or Away

You don’t know that the user active or away? I show example of user Status. This green circle means that the user is active (Example) I would say good luck to IA In adding this feature!


Ask the actual developers of Discourse


IA Can see all our posts.

He meant the actual devs who runs discourse long time ago?


This is called “Who’s Online”. This has been talked about a lot in Discourse forum and they released a plug-in. I’m not sure if this works in other hosts or no. Take a look at below links:


Just go to someones profile
Then check the seen
It means last seen
If it was JUST NOW that means this recruit is online

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i think he wanted to make it easier

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It’s called “Who’s Online” if you’re wondering

I don’t think this is necessary. After all, forums were always used not as real time conversation service, just like you won’t be using e-mail instead of chatting in Twitter or something.


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