UPDATE! Early access

you use music final boss CI3, CI4, CI5 for Final boss please! NO STABILITY!

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RIP Engrisk

I also think that would be good because I hear a lot of times the CI3 normal boss music while I’m fighting the YolkStar™. I would like to hear the YolkStar™’s theme.

Please no CI4/5 final boss music, the normal one is better. I couldn’t stand hearing Mr Egg cannon’s theme while fighting it.

I want back only The Henterprise theme.

i don’t want any of those themes to be back, as they all are slow and fail to have the ‘end of the world’ vibe

Although music can be further customized into two parts: one for the waves and one for the boss itself.

These music make the boss more epic

No they don’t. Have you heard Ci4/5 final boss music? You could fall asleep while fighting mr Henterprise and Egg Cannon.

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In my opinion only for egg cannon’s.
Henterprise has a cool theme


Henterprise have the best final boss theme here. Its shame that is underrated by some people :unamused:


I think all should come back. In my opinion, the egg cannon theme it is not too bad

Cannon theme Is not bad but compared to the other 2 is more slow and try to intimidate you with a of show an overpowered strenght
Like Egg Cannon is
And the slowness is the problem of the theme (sadly)

In muſic ſlow ≠> not powerful.

Upon liſtening to it juſt now, I realiſed the problem: it’s juſt too ſimple muſically. Sure, you have the trombones with the “melody” with flutes for background frit, but it needs the ſtrings as part of the background, plus maybe ſome clarinets on the main theme and a doubling of the theme an octave down on the baſſes and/or contrabaſſoon. Alſo, it needs more than a “melody” and “harmony”; it need “almoſt melodies” and more parts for the background ſtuff.

Although that’s juſt my opinion. If played well by an actuäl orcheſtra, it would have a ſimilar ſound to parts of Holſt’s Mars (from the planets ſuite).

In my opinion an organ could suit better the danger of Cannon than flutes or clarinets (but i’m not an expert in music so i stop here)

A pipe organ could certainly work to ſome extent at leaſt, but it’d require a completely different compoſition.

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I liked that Egg cannon had eerie and creepy theme, it was too calm, first 10-15 seconds are cool, the rest is meh. They need to rework the rest to be in the same creepy melody but to build more suspense uover time… something like the main CIU theme has these “dark” and calm parts and then it builds up.


You are intending something like this

Or like this:

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No, that’s too fast.