Untisel poker mechanic idea!

We know untisel poker how it is…the same weapon from CI3 and i thought hmmm…why we don’t add a lil heat mechanic that will…hey hey HEY! where you going? I will not say increase the dmg! Instead it will peirce through enemies! Yes thats right! It will peirce through once you heat it up! Like think about it in logical sense if you heat a metal item it will become so hot that will peirce through stuff easily! And thats what i wanna see in later versions.
Now how it will work? Well simple when you heat bar goes up the fork will switch from white to pink then read on maximum and on red fork stage it a single shot will peirce through the entire screen! Thats it! Now tell me what yall think of it? Interesting isnt it?


same . I also think before .

about from censored in CIU Utensil Poker Projectile? only China, Korea and Japan.
this is Weapon Reskin about from Utensil Poker with chopsticks!


Anyway what yall thoughts about it?

  • Yo that’s cool!
  • That’s lame…
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I can shoot the chicken with Untisel poker.

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