Unofficial CI3U Leaderborads

Depeeper is created the topic leaderboards of CI5U.

And OneWingLunarian is created the topic leaderboards of CI4U

And as for me I’ve made it this topic (early) of the leaderboards in the Revenge of the Yolk unofficial.

So please wait when it releases the beta version

Now beta version 140.1 is released.

Edited: Here’s review of my result.


Let’s ban
Depeeper for 5 years
OneWingLunarian for 4 years
and you for 3 years.

Why the heck do we need topics for every episode?


There is no practical way to check the leaderboards of episodes. Judging by the replies I suppose people like to do that. The only question here is why would the post even be a thing if CI3U is not even public yet.


Very simple, attention and to have popular topics. This type of topic would die out in less than 2 months.


I originally made the 5U one because there was no way to track other people’s attempts in game, unlike the Anniversary mission. OWL made the 4U one to follow suit, even though I made mine when it first arrived on Live.


Way too early i think. CI3U isn’t here yet. Also check your topic title, “leaderborads”.


meanwhile your top topics


Maybe because the episodes in CIU are still experimental feature? After they get added for real there is nothing stopping IA from adding official leadearboard just like anniversary mission (or CI1U if we follow the naming scheme)

+1 for that. PlasmaX put it nicely into words why.

I guess, that can be excused. But creating a new topic for every episode ain’t exactly a best solution.


So if it’s an experimental feature people are restricted from sharing their score and comparing with other results?


And where exactly did I say that? Or where did you conclude it from?

Share and compare as you please, but organize it better. Do we need a topic for every mission? This topic is just like PlasmaX said - for attention and to have a popular topic.

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You’re early for tomorrow.

Okay, but how?

Attention and popularity, I acknowledge that as a fact.

At least some new topics are good enough to help keeping the CIU forums alive, correct?

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CI5U came out, and removed. Now CI4U too, and will be removed soon. This will probably the same when CI3U or even CI2U come out too.
Just stop, at least not this moment, since I haven’t seen the Beta test of it yet.
Overall, why we even need this topic while the Leaderboard topic like this and be lived in only few weeks?
(If iA removed it away then no one will post in that topic more.)
Example: Since CI5U got removed, I am sure no one will post more in the Unofficial CI5U Leaderboard topic, at least until iA wants to put it in the game again, but mostly no, because it’s highly possible that it’s going to be a paid-feature.


No, I prefer topics which is more useful then.
Also the CIU Forum is always alive, even with nothing new in a day.
So for me, I would love to see some inactive useful posts rather than just creating some unnecessary one to keep it active.

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May I ask, which topics do you believe are useful?

True. Every day, I see at least one notification (excluding :heart: notifications). The forums are still living 'till the end!

Well, some ‘‘unnecessary topics’’ such as (and especially) Post your Quest Rank! helped keeping me active. Try counting how many times I posted in Plasma’s topic.

Nobody’s forced to post in new topics, everybody chooses to post or not in a specific new topic, for their own reasons (which we all have to respect). And I choose to post in a new topic of my choice because I have something I’d like to say about it. For my own reasons.

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I’ve to gently ask why the topic got flagged as there’s no harm things from it.


First - make it a wiki. Or have someone active in charge of editing the main topic. Then make a “hide details” section for every episode. When somebody wants to share their score they need to post a screenshot with it and then add the score to the main post or wait for the owner to add it.

CI5U highscores

389.653.456 - recruit name
328.372.421 - recruitv2

CI4U highscores

389.653.456 - recruit name
328.372.421 - recruitv2

CI3U highscores

389.653.456 - recruit name
328.372.421 - recruitv2

That way you can have a pseudo real leaderboard and compare every score instantly without browsing the screenshots. You can also add anniversary mission or whatever special mission comes in the future (at least until it gets official leaderboard)

Yeah, even the OP was honest and chose the topic anwser.


does this count


Works for me. Can’t wait to see that happen.

Well, I’m surprised too. I 110% wasn’t expecting the original post to become hidden.

I guess it got flagged because it was posted a day earlier. A day earlier. Better late than early, eh?..

Or because a few users felt like this topic is essentially for attention, likes, replies and popularity.

I see what you did there.

I’m just not sure about the fate of this topic after what happened, and since the original post is now hidden.


@InterAction_studios, requesting unhiding of post #1.


Also, I just noticed how the word “Leaderboards” is actually spelled in the title. If it wasn’t for Firefox’s “hover-over-to-reveal-URL” feature, I… still would have noticed that, except later.