unlimited fps support and click lag

I believe if the game supports unlimited fps it would have a better experience on high responsive hz rate monitors!! And I also nailed a lagg that makes the game… and that’s that momentary lagg when you click a button!!!

This game dont have lag for me if there s a lag its of my hardrive

Well i also want “unlimited FPS” but make sure that you have better pc and better monitor refresh rate. The monitor with highest refresh rate is around 500hz. But refresh rate will not fully utilized if you are getting lower fps than refresh rate.

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It was requested before and iA said that on higher values FPS becomes quite unstable. Maybe v-sync on a 240 Hz monitor will be able to lock it there, but otherwise it’s not available.

Likely caused by v-sync because the game is doing input in the same thread (probably?).


As @VerMishelb said, due to timing inaccuracies, high frame rates become quite unstable.

Clicking a button typically moves the UI to a new screen, potentially causing new textures to load, font glyphs to be cached, and sounds to be played. All these might contribute to “lag”, but this lag should only happen once – on successive clicks, everything is already loaded.

Is there still lag after you click a button to go back and forth between the same two screens a few times?


I do actually have that problem and yes there is.

The best thing you can do to mitigate the lag is to go to C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\xxx (where xxx is the latest version), edit the file CIU.cfg with your preferred text editor, and change the line that starts with loadMode to read:


As I said, this only reduces the lag, it doesn’t completely eliminate it, but it’s worth a try.
Moreover, keep in mind that CIU.cfg will reset every time a new version is released, so you’ll have to re-apply the changes every time that happens.

I just did that and this loading screen show up

That’s the intended behaviour of this function. It loads everything at start instead of on-demand.