Universe.chickeninvaders.com Website Background

Shouldn’t the background on universe.chickeninvaders.com be updated? It’s using a recolored version of CI5’s starfield, while CIU is using a new, unique one. The CIU starfield also uses a different resolution (2032x1524 compared to 1524x1524).

For comparison:

Website BG

In-game BG


The ‘‘Universe’’ backgound beat the records for the most the small-looking stars ever made. Whatever, i like it. Its maybe the best backround idk. I have noticed that with every new game the stars become more distant and small, and what if there is a new CI? Will they be microscopically small? Or this is the limit? But i dont care so much, im just curios about this.

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I would like parallax scrolling backgrounds in CIU and all other potential future games.

Becauſe of technical limitations back in the age of Windows 98 and cathode-ray monitors, I ſuſpect.