Unfinished yolk star boss idea

It’s actually the yolk star but its under constructuon 1

Yes. It just looks cool. If you have any ideas for the attacks comment them


It whould be more weak?


If it’s weaker, why would you implement a weaker version of the boss? Is it meant to be on lower difficulties or something? (replying to op).


I have no idea of ​​attacks.

I was doing an edit and thinking about attacks for this variant of the yolk star :c (I mean I was planning to do this a long time ago and I didn’t say it because I wanted to present it with a photo but I think it’s not my idea anymore)

i think it should have
on tourist :

  • 4 lasers^

  • only chick minions no. 1-3**

  • probably can be easily defeated


  • 5 lasers^
  • chick/en minions 2-4**
  • tricky

**depending on health
*on health
^but smaller at least .5 radius


I was thinking that the lazers have a probability of failing (because they are not 100% functional), less resistance to attacks, that the yolk leaves the areas without shell to attack the player, has a greater dependence on chickens to attack since your lasers can fail (as I mentioned before).

I already suggested similar progression for The Yolk Star for easier difficulties and can be applied for unfinished Yolk Star.

Also, unfinished Yolk Star has 5 laser cannons, if you see. It’s not fair to make the boss so weak with a few cannons. We can let the boss get destroyed too fast, but it should have more laser cannons (At least 4 cannons for Trivial difficulty).


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