Unfairness about Multiplayer farming method

Multiplayer, Mass Condenser, and Double Team. Do you find anything related ? If yes, then bingo ! CHL players can play Double Team in Multiplayer, and kamikaze with Mass Condenser without losing because of Zombie mechanic in that mode. Many people find it unfair because the keys they farm is not by their skills, when some people said that CHL players deserve that because they paid. So we will discuss about this problem.
Of course Mass Condenser, by somehow, is OP. At least, it’s OP in Multiplayer. Zombie mode can give you many fake lives to kamikaze without any punishment. However, this item is not a thing that can be considered in most of the cases, so i don’t think this item need a change.
Now let’s head to Multiplayer and Double Team. At the moment, Multiplayer has less bugs. However, with the Zombie mechanic, players can kamikaze to boss as many as they want without losing, allow them to farming. And Double Team missions contain many keys. This combination can make CHL players stonk so fast without paying too much attention.
So now we know the problem. Now i have two choices for @InterAction_studios to solve this problem:

  • Ban Mass Condenser from Multiplayer: Truthfully, the problem can be solved by this, but Mass Condenser will become less valuable more, making it underpower as hell.
  • Ban Double Team from Multiplayer: This is also a choice. CHL players can still play this type of mission, but not in Multiplayer. This solution will make CHL players choose Boss Rush to kamikaze and rushing, but less effective. Comparing to farming normally, choosing Boss Rush to kamikaze is a dumb choice.

Now, should we go to the poll ?

What should iA do to this problem ?
  • Ban Mass Condenser from Multiplayer
  • Ban Double Team mission type from Multiplayer

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This was so complicated…


Neither of these

Mass Condenser is OP in multiplayer

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Delete multiplayer mode…


That’s not an option lmao, that is a S U I CI D E M O V E M E N T.

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If ban double team from multiplayer, it will be less fun so in my option only ban mass condenser.

Wait if use 3 mass condensers and run out of live in multiplayer, is still gonna take many damages more than it?

Zombie mode can give you infinite lives, technically, to ram and kamikaze :slight_smile:

I can’t say that my skills are formidable or not, but at least i’m confident.
CHL players never have an absolute advantage up upon non-CHL players.
Looking at this

This is my favourite mission. A flight take only 3 minutes, and more than 100 keys in SSH mode. That effectiveness is enough to compete with Double Team missions in farming. Even if iA decide to do nothing, i can still be good :slight_smile:

If they run out of their lives, no zombie mode, just kick them out, DEFEAT and BANNED, although iA said that this will not work well for other players if the host is kicked and all other players are disconnected.

I’m not sure if iA can easily change the host in the middle of the mission though (when the host is eliminated), if it is it would be perfect.

I think just eliminate Zombie mechanic, letting them only watch others playing when they die.

This is good: “You have lost all of your lives and is now a spectator. Press and hold ESC / P to exit.”

If everyone is eliminated, the game is over. A stranger may enter to save the entire team, but using Mass Condensers will just cost them lives.

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A mind-blowing idea. I appreciate that.

Yes, being forced to watch other players would be very fun.
Also the option of disabling an entire mission type just because of one dumb item should not be there. It’s a horrible solution to the problem.


You can still leave, there should be a note on the screen to make it clear:

I wouldn’t ban Mass Condensers or Double Team, just remove zombie mechanic to prevent exploits.

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That should be great :smiley:

Oh great, now I can watch people playing because of bad connection and lag spikes

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Yeah, let’s not do that. Just give a game over if everyone has 0 lives like in the episodes. Being forced to watch others play while you can’t do anything would suck. I know the game has some flaws, but zombie mode is not one of them. It’s one of the things that make multiplayer fun, the fact you can keep going even if you don’t have lives. If there’s a need, we can change the way it works, but don’t outright remove it.


Is there a way to add intangibility to ‘zombie’ players, aka make them lose the ability to crash into things once they game over?

As an added benefit they could just not be able to pick up items and food, a fitting punishment for getting a game over if you ask me.