Unfair waves

So, I was doing a mission and I got like 2 of the hardest waves in my entire Chicken Invaders experience, luckily I was on an easy dificulty, so getting past the first wave wasn’t THAT hard, but man, would you look at this…! The wave from this screenshot finished my entire mission…

This was the second wave, the first wave has gyroscope malfunction with these robot-suit chicken.

Worst thing is, I got them both in a row.


You shouldn’t get these waves unless you have a Veteran/Hero/SuperstarHero skill level mounted. Do you remember which mission it was?

Next time it happens, immediately press ESC to bring up the menu and select “report a problem”. This way we’ll know exactly which wave to look into.


I’m not sure which of the missions was exactly but I think it was one of the 2 missions from the Sigma Anaxo artificial moon in the Anaxo Solar System in the Megaleius zone.

I’d also like to mention I was on the tourist difficulty.

Bug confirmed. Will fix.